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Peter Harris speaks with AP reporter, Scott Mayerowitz, on vulnerability of airports to terror attacks.



Could infrared video imaging be
the solution to concerns over backscatter technology?


Peter Harris, Business Week –

The Next Wave of Airline Security Systems


Weber Shandwick –

Policies - Security - Perspective

-- Peter Harris
    Sr. Strategic Officer of ISCON


AOL Nation –

Obama Budget Adds 1,000 Airport Body Screeners

Active Projects
  • Providing both an international sales strategy and a DC-based lobbying capability to a client introducing a new product
  • Acting as a “virtual CEO” for a high-tech start up
  • Performing security technology due diligence for a European firm looking to add to its product portfolio
  • Providing a comprehensive overview of the entire aviation security technology market
  • Creating detection algorithms for a client to ensure passage of TSA certification standards
  • Working with CEOs on the recruitment and hiring of senior security Sales & Marketing executives
  • Conducting international security planning for government clients in Britain & Israel
  • Developing launch plans and strategies for a client with a new product
van burning after a terrorist attack

�Above all else, TSA must remain flexible and able to respond quickly to disrupt new terrorist threats.�

GAO Report

helicopter borne SWAT team
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WHAT WE DO: Yankee Foxtrot provides strategic and tactical counsel to decision makers on a broad range of issues in all sectors of security management, from government and commercial entities to manufacturers of high technology security equipment.

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DIFFERENTIATOR: Yankee Foxtrot brings an unrivaled understanding of the synergies between the science, the systems, the applications and the economics required to ensure optimized business outcomes. Most importantly, the team has a deep understanding of what is technologically possible to meet a given challenge.

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EXPERTISE: Yankee Foxtrot draws on significant experience in developing security technologies for deployment and in advising international governments on practical security solutions on issues such as developing and implementing non-intrusive cargo and personnel inspection solutions for security enhancement, trade facilitation and customs modernization at seaports, airports and border crossings.

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CLIENTS: Yankee Foxtrot clients are typically small to medium-sized companies and government agencies. The decision-makers in these organizations are entrusted with protecting people from a sophisticated and evolving threat and then developing technologies necessary to defeat that threat.

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CONNECTIONS: Yankee Foxtrot provides the benefit of extensive, personal relationships with professional societies, the US Military, international defense and security organizations and security-related businesses of all types. Our consultants have occupied senior executive positions in research, engineering and management at leading security technology systems providers such as American Science & Engineering, Analogic and Raytheon. In addition, we have a recently-retired four-star admiral and two former senior executives from the CIA and TSA.