Oded Gorodetzky

When one thinks of Israel and their expertise in homeland security, the conversation does not get very far without mentioning Oded Gorodetzky who is synonymous with all the sophisticated and technical aspects of explosives detection …

Oded Gorodetzky

Homeland Security Technical Advisor

Oded started early on, in the Corps of Engineers with The Israel Defense Forces – IDF, back in 1980. Admitted into the Israeli Military Higher Education Program similar to that of ROTC in the US, Oded attended the School of Associate Engineers and graduated as an Associate Engineer in Water, Soil and Environment Sciences.

He served in the Corps of Engineers in field duties handling explosives and mines. In his course of military service, Oded raised through the ranks, including graduation from the School of Officers of the IDF. Through his service, gaining experience in the technological aspects as well as in command, Oded was released from the service bearing the rank of Lieutenant. Oded continued to contribute to the defense of his country in active reserve duties where he assumed higher command posts up to the duty of a Vice Battalion Commander, with the rank of Major.

Oded is a subject matter expert on security screening and explosive's detection technologies. Oded gained hands-on security experience in his service with the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) where he held several senior management positions in the Security & Protection Division, including responsibility for IT security, related to critical national infrastructure of Israeli regulatory bodies. During his 21 years of service at the ISA, Oded served in numerous senior positions as a regulator for aviation security, border crossing and installations security. Mr. Gorodetzky developed standards and protocols related to the testing, certification and implementation of explosive detection technologies. Based on his expertise, Oded led the testing, evaluation, certification and operational integration of security x-ray screening machines, computerized tomography (CT) systems and explosive trace detection equipment at the Israel Airport Authority, El Al Israeli Airlines and the Israel Border Crossing Authority.

Based on his expertise, Oded represented the Israeli Government as a permanent participant in the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Technical Task Force (TTF) in the years 1997 - 2005.

Oded holds a BA degree with honors in Political Science and Security Studies from the Bar-Ilan University in Israel. He also holds an Associate Engineer Degree in Water, Soil and Environment sciences from the Technion - Institute of Technology, in Israel.

In 2013, Oded started Gorosec Ltd, a company that specializes in introduction of cutting-edge security related technologies into the Israeli HLS market. Oded is the owner and GM of Gorosec Ltd. The company is certificated in good standing to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System by the Israel Standards Institution - SII.