Peter Harris, Founder and CEO, Yankee Foxtrot, Inc.

Peter W. Harris

“We are pleased to have an industry leader with Peter’s vision and experience. He knows the security industry well and is comfortable with all the major international players and will make a difference for us in ensuring long-term growth in this critical sector of our business.”

John Wood,
Former CEO, Analogic

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Peter Harris’ expertise
in aviation security was provided to international media outlets through several aired interviews during the search for Malaysian Flight 370 and the recent Brussels airport attack.


Peter W. Harris


Peter Harris is Founder and President of Yankee Foxtrot, Inc., a consulting firm dedicated since 2009 to providing specialized guidance on security management issues worldwide. A leader and well-known expert in the aviation security industry, Peter has extensive senior-level management experience with both public and private companies.

Peter Harris, CEO, Yankee Foxtrot, Inc.

In the late 1990s, he started the security business at Analogic in his capacity as President of an Analogic subsidiary, International Security Systems (ISS). He subsequently developed and oversaw the company’s strategic direction and expanded its security business through the global deployment of sophisticated x-ray inspection systems (2004-2008).

Peter also served as the President & CEO of Rapor, Inc. (2000-2004), a designer and manufacturer of “smart biometric” security portals. In addition, he spent five years (1993-1998) at American Science & Engineering (AS&E), an international manufacturer of x-ray inspection systems, as VP Sales & Marketing and as a Board member.

As a commercial pilot and naval aviator, Peter is no stranger to aviation and security related issues. He amassed over 2000 hours and 400 carrier landings during a 22-year naval aviation career. He commanded a reserve A‑6 tactical aviation squadron during the first Persian Gulf War and retired with the rank of Captain, USNR.

Peter serves on a number of US company boards including PathSensors and Qylur Intelligent Systems. He has been a featured speaker at security trade shows around the world and has been a published author. He is a member of the Institute of Management Consultants and the Society for Professional Consulting.

Peter’s education includes a B.S. from the US Naval Academy in 1976 and a Master’s Degree in National Security from Georgetown University in 1983.