• Re-think Consulting. Yankee Foxtrot offers strategic and tactical counsel to decision-makers in the security industry.
  • Re-think Global. Yankee Foxtrot has assembled the top security experts in the world - global expertise at your fingertips.
  • Re-think Team. Yankee Foxtrot provides one-stop shopping, no need to hire a crew of different consultants.
  • Re-think Sales. Yankee Foxtrot augments your sales and marketing efforts with proven success in launching new products.
  • Re-think Connections. Yankee Foxtrot brings unrivaled relationships in senior level executive positions whether it be in security companies, government agencies or the US military.

Peter Harris on why he founded Yankee Foxtrot,

"I wanted to create a new type of consulting practice where security specialists would provide integrated one-stop shopping to clients in unprecedented ways. Celebrating our ninth year, I believe we have accomplished that. More importantly, we have helped our clients grow their revenue by introducing new and advanced detection systems into the global marketplace."