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July 19, 2017 6:13 PM EDT

Peter Harris on CTV News Channel

Peter Harris: CTV News Channel – New Security Measures For U.S. Bound Flights

Passengers heading to the U.S. will now be subjected to heightened security measures. In preparation, Canadian airlines are warning passengers to arrive at least two hours prior to their departure. For more on this, aviation security consultant Peter Harris joins our coverage.

May 28, 2016 6:13 PM EDT

USNI News photo of Admiral James Stavridis

Stavridis: NATO Allies Should Strive to Meet 2% GDP Defense Spending Target

USNI News: ... there are always difficulties that can make working within an alliance frustrating, retired NATO commander Adm. James Stavridis said on Thursday.

BBC News photo of Admiral James Stavridis

Migrant crisis: Stability in Libya needed to help stop people smugglers

BBC News: "It's time to go in [to Libya] and create real stability there," said Adm James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander at Nato. Adm Stavridis, now ...

Mar. 22, 2016 6:13 PM EDT

AP photo of airport security

Peter Harris interviewed in AP article on Brussels attack:

NEW YORK (AP): The airport attack in Brussels highlights one of the most vulnerable stages of aviation security: the time travelers spend between the curb and the checkpoint.   – By SCOTT MAYEROWITZ and DAVID KOENIG

Tom Blank on FOXNEWS Insider

Tom Blank interviewed on Fox News Insider on Airport Security:
"Former TSA Deputy Director Tom Blank said this is the result of a security gap being exposed…"

James Stavridis on FOXNEWS Insider

James Stavridis interviewed on Fox News Insider on ISIS strategy:
Admiral James Stavridis: We must go after ISIS at its source…