Alan Rutan

Alan is recognized as an international expert on threat detection technologies and image processing. Foreign governments rely on his expertise when contemplating major security projects …

Alan H. Rutan

Senior Technical Advisor

Alan Rutan has 40 years of experience in threat detection technologies and is an internationally recognized expert on the application of technology to security missions.

Mr. Rutan has previously worked in this field for such organizations as US intelligence agencies, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and Raytheon. In recent years he was VP of Engineering for American Science & Engineering, one of the major x-ray scanner firms, and was the US security technology representative to the Quartet for Israel/Palestine border control issues.

For the past 13 years Mr. Rutan has specialized in non-intrusive inspection (NII) of cargo, baggage and personnel for security enhancement, trade facilitation, and customs modernization missions at international seaports, airports, and border crossings. His roles have ranged from engineering development of the inspection equipment itself to working in border control and port environments as an advisor to governments regarding operational needs, tender requirements, and equipment validation at site.

Mr. Rutan’s technical expertise covers the full range of electromagnetic sensor technology from radar and millimeter wave through Terahertz, infrared, optical and x-ray. Much of his career has been devoted to successfully bringing threat detection products through R&D, market assessment and engineering development to sale and deployment. His domestic and international operational experience includes security and trade facilitation missions at border crossings, airports, seaports and waterways.

Recent clients of Mr. Rutan have ranged from early-stage startups and venture capital firms to government and multilateral organizations such as the US State Department, USAID, the Panamanian National Security Council, and the World Bank. He is also associated with the Security & Defence Agenda, an international security think tank located in Brussels.

Mr. Rutan’s education includes an undergraduate degree in physics from Harvard University and graduate study in solid state physics at the University of Illinois.